I first moved to the Northwest from central California when I was sixteen. My parents sent me to boarding school and I was terrified of icy roads, open fields, fresh air, and the idea of seasons. Now 22, this hardly makes me a native. But in the six years I've spent recreating my life in the PNW, I've found myself.

What does that mean exactly? Hell, if I know. I've been a quixote my entire life, the first to laugh and tell you that I'm most likely full of shit. I love Capitol Hill, The Gorge, and eating from Hawthorne food carts in the middle of the night. But a donut is still just a donut, whether its from Voodoo or not. While campgrounds and cities and street food are all pretty commonplace, the community of the PNW evokes a feeling unlike any other place.

Flannel is an independent and regional culture magazine, brought to you by a group of friends and quiet artists, bound together by a love of culture, community, and the arts. When we first started brainstorming, most of our ideas came pretty naturally. However, finding a name that would properly represent what we were about as a publication proved more difficult. When a friend suggested "Flannel", the idea just seemed to fit. For example, we love the magazine Nylon, but we wanted to create something more down to earth, regional, and practical. I have tuition and student loans to pay, and as far as finances go, I hardly expect my 20s to be anything but barely scraping by. How can I work and still have fun? How can I live resourcefully, responsibly, and work my way from the bottom up? How can my life be creative, pragmatic, enjoyable, and artful? How can I live well given these circumstances?

These were the kinds of ideas we wanted to discuss in our publication. Flannel is stylish, laidback, comfortable, and embodies the life that we live right now. Most importantly, its roots come from the Northwest! From Seattle grunge rock to regional farming, we'll be rocking our warm and cozy "flannel" button-ups with pride.