le grand cru

Le Grand Cru means "the great growth" in French, which is exactly what this independent Seattle-based t-shirt company is about. Creating and supporting a "growing" community of artists, musicians, and creative thinkers. We sit down with LGC creative duo: Mike Young (networking guru) and Tommy Panigot (graphic designer), who tell us about their brand and plans for the future.

Q1: How'd the duo of LGC come together? And what inspired the idea?

Mike: Tommy knew my sister from before, and when Tommy's band was on tour, they all stayed at my parent's house and we became friends. Over time, I tried to start a brand with some friends more as just a hobby. One day Tommy called me asking if I was still working on it and that he would like to be involved. I told him that it was more on the back burner, but that we should continue discussing options. The more we talked, the more we found out that we liked a lot of the same things, so we decided to try and encompass all of that into Le Grand Cru.

Tommy: Mike & I grew to know each other thru his sister Jenn (I ART YOU ), I found out that Mike had started a street brand awhile back but his other partners weren't able to give the time that the brand required. I told Mike that I love the scene and do design on the side. He asked me to send him some stuff and it just blossomed from there.

Q2: Can you explain what the objective of this company and community is? What aspect excites you most about it?

Mike: Tommy and I felt that we were surrounded by a very creative group of people. So we wanted to develop some sort of common ground where everyone could share what they were doing. This way we could all build and thrive off of each other and also be a collective group. A lot of us also wanted to be more hands on in community outreach and with a play on the word "Cru" try to construct something more than just another brand, but rather something with more depth that people would want to be a part of.

Tommy: We want quality in product and exposure of artists/community needs. Theses easily go hand in hand. While we are making a name for ourselves thru how we do business and brand ourselves we want to be hands on in helping artists get exposure either thru guest appearances/our blog/our events as well as using that partnership to funnel money made from those collabs into areas that need basics. If we can't give money than we give our time which is equally valuable, for instance Mike is always helping out Helping Hands that packs/delivers food to the needy on the streets

The most exciting aspects of Le Grand Cru for me is personal growth, developing a bigger network to work with, and being a conduit of aid thru the creative beauty we are pooling our talents with.

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